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Some answers to some common questions:

1) How much is delivery?
Delivery is $12 plus applicable taxes for all areas. A minimum order of $50 applies; this excludes tobacco, delivery fees and taxes. Large or special commercial orders may involve extra fees.
**Please note that for Nunavut deliveries, the $12 delivery fee is to deliver your groceries to the Ottawa airport. This fee does not include the freight fees paid to the airline.

2) How and When do I pay? What are the refund policies?
The Country Grocer and are engaged in the retailing of grocery items and food products. As such, we are engaged in the receipt of your online order, the picking of your order and the arrangement for the transportation to your home. We currently offer an array of payment options. These include paying the driver at the door by swiping your debit card through our portable authorization devices and more recently, online credit/debit card.
For Ottawa area customers, we will happily refund your transaction at anytime prior to the delivery of your order. When you receive your order, should you be unsatisfied with any of your products in your order because of spoilage, simply inform the driver and we will happily arrange to replace them at no charge. Should you decide to return other items in your order after the driver leaves your home, we will accept unopened and un-damaged products for a refund. Please call the store toll free at 1-866-731-6883 to arrange the details.
For any customers residing outside the Ottawa area, we will happily refund your transaction at anytime prior to the shipment of your order. Should you be unsatisfied with any of your products in your order because of spoilage and/or shipment damage, please call our store toll free at 866-731-6883 so that the replacement of the product or the credit on your next order can be arranged.

3) How do I choose the time and date of delivery? What are the available times?
You can certainly pre-book a delivery a couple of days in advance. Simply select one of these delivery times and your order will be on its way to you in no time.  All orders must be received by 6pm the day before their scheduled delivery.

4) The Flyer price isn't the same as the online price. Will you honour the flyer price?

Of course we will. All items are run through our cash register system at the store level and they are always the same or lower in price than the online prices.

5) What if no one is home when my groceries arrive?
If we arrive at your house and no one is home or answers the door/phone, we will call you to make a new delivery time. The Country Grocer and reserves the right to charge an additional $12 should we arrive within the specified delivery time and no one answers the door.

6) How do I know my order has been received?
Immediately after your order is placed, you will receive a confirmation email. This email can serve as your receipt. (Its a good idea at registration time to double check to make sure that you entered your email address error-free).

7) How do I know you will pick the best produce?
The Country Grocer and staff are professional shoppers. We shop each order with the following credo: We pick the best for you! We shop for an order like we shop for our family. We will not send you anything with a close expiration date. Fruits and vegetables will be right-off the vine fresh! All orders are backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
What about weighed items? Produce, deli and meats are sometimes displayed online as a per weight listing. In order to be as accurate as possible, we've added an optional comment box for you to add comments like "send 5 slightly greener bananas". There may be a discrepancy between the online bill and the final receipt due to out-of-stocks, substitutions, instore specials, daily price changes and weighed items.

8) Can I make a special request?
If there are any special requests or delivery requirements please let us know. At check out time there is a comment box where you tell us to include a product you didn't see listed in our online inventory. You can also leave us suggestions for product additions.

9) What happens with an out of stock item?
Unfortunately product shortages do sometimes occur. Should this happen we will do our very best to give you the "next best thing". On the system at check out time there is a selection for "substitution options" This is your chance to let us know, should a product be out of stock, if you prefer:

  • no substitutions
  • substitute nearest size but not brand
  • substitute brand but not size
  • substitute size or brand

10) How do I order for someone else?
The information collected at registration is information for our delivery people. If you would like to order for someone else, it is best to include his/her delivery information in the registration (ie- his/her name, address, phone number and zip code) In the comment box (at check out time) please include *your* name and phone number.

11) What about my personal information?
The Country Grocer and respects your right to privacy. We will NEVER release ANY registration information outside the system. All registration information is used solely for the functioning of the system and grocery services. We want you to be confident shopping with us.

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